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Welcome to Krishna Group

Krishna Group is one of the group of professionals in Indian market since 1992 having activities like Mineral Manufacturing/Manufacturer Agent, contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.We possess an uncompromising attitude towards the quality of the products. With the efforts of our team, we are able to offer to customers their desired products within their budgetary constraints.


Talc Powder - Regular / Sterilized Talc

China Clay ,Calcium Carbonate - Regular / Coated / Bacteria Free , Dolomite - Regular / Coated / Bacteria Free


Ammonium Formate,Ammonium Propionate

Calcium Butyrate,Calcium Formate,Calcium Propionate,Di Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate


Sodium Acetate Trihydrate ,Sodium Acetate Anhydrous , Calcium Acetate

Potassium Acetate , Sodium Di Acetate

About Us

50 years of experience

Krishna Group is considered as one of the quality conscious Manufacturer/Manufacturer's Agent of Minerals and Consistent Supplier of Poultry feed Products & Chemicals.


to satisfy our customers by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

Core value

we believe in treating our customer with respect and faith, providing our best services to small quantity to large quantity with utmost attention.

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